Former Assets of Solar Seal - Custom Fabricator of Architectural Glass Products

Former Assets of Solar Seal - Custom Fabricator of Architectural Glass Products

Date & Time:

Start: September 1, 2022 1:00 PM
End: September 8, 2022 3:00 PM


About: Surplus Equipment to the Ongoing Operations of Solar Seal, LLC Major Auction – Industry Leading Custom Fabricator of Architectural Glass Products State of the Art Architectural Glass Fabrication Facility

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Major Auction – Industry Leading Custom Fabricator of Architectural Glass Products




Online Auction Open: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 9:00 AM EST

Online Auction Close: Thursday, September 8th, 2022 11:00 AM EST

Inspection/Preview – Thursday, September 1 & Tuesday September 2, 2022 from 900 AM to 4:00 PM EST, or by Appointment 


Accepting Pre-Auction Offers on Major Equipment

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55 Bristol Drive # 1

Easton, MA 02375

State of the Art Architectural Glass Fabrication Facility


Featuring Tempering Furnaces, Washers & Wash Lines, 2021 Forvet Milling/Drilling Machines, Glass Fabrication Equipment, Cutting Tables, Cranes, Glass Trucks, Glass Inventory, Support Equipment

Complete Plant Closure

Equipment as late as 2022



  • 2009 Uniglass UGC-2100 x 3600-1 Glass Tempering Furnace, 791 KW Heating, Drives, Blower Motors 200KW, Fans, S/N 155
  • Tamglass Horizontal Convection/ Tempering Furnace, Model 96x180-PT32-TLP, Drives, Standard Glass Thickness Size 3.2-19mm/ 1/8” x ¾”, Clear Float Glass Maximum Glass Size 19mm/3/4” – 2438 x 4572mm or 96” x 180”, Low E Glass Maximum Glass Size 8mm 5/16” – 2438x3658mm or 96 x 144”, Minimum Standard Glass Size 102 4” x 16”, Minimum Space Between Lites 51mm/ 2”, Cooling Blower, Convection Compressor. WO# 04-8026
  • 2017 Osprey by LiteSentry Distortion + Flatness Inspection System, High Speed High Resolution Camera Assembly, High Intensity LED Lighting Assembly, Processors & Output Display, Marking System


  • 2021 Forvet Model FC 16M 1250 Mill H.O. SS CNC High Production Drilling & Milling Machine, Working Area X Axis Unlimited Y Axis 1250mm/ 49”, Glass Thickness Range 3-19 mm/ 0,12” x 0.75”, Max Glass Weight 350KG/ 750lbs, Max Drilling Diameter: 65mm/ 2.56”, Total Spindles 16, Max Spindle Rotation 12000 RPM Super Spindle, Spindle Speed Rate 0.2-3mm/ 0.008”-0.12” sec, Milling Speed 3-35mm/sec /0.12” 1.38”/sec, Axis Positioning Speed 30m/min/ 98” sec, Axis Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.25mm/m 0.0098”/39”, Air Pressure 87 PSI, / 6 Bar, Water Pressure 58PSI /4 Bar, Water Flow, 40l / min /10 US Gallons Minute, Installed Power 12.5KW, Footprint 142.5 Sq Ft, (L 15’ x W 9.5’) S/N C0932/21, Several Spare Parts/ Extra Siemens SMATC HMI Touch Screen Control, (Like New/ Only In Operation 6 Months)
  • Forvet FC 16M-1250 CNC Drilling & Milling Machine s/n 293/05
  • 2003 Metral TD3 Automatic Double Head Drilling Machine, Dimensions: 2000 x 5000 mm, Max Distance Edge to Hole 1200 mm, Max Glass Thickness: 50 mm, Drilling Diameters: 3 - 180 mm, Roller Tilt Tables/Conveyors, S/N T.876.6


  • 2016 Intermac Model Master 43 CNC Glass Machining Center, Table Size 90” x 160” 4060mm x 2300mm, Axis Stroke: 4160 x 2400 x 390 mm, Spindle: 12Kw (18HP) HSD Electrospindle, Controller: PC with Axis Drive XP 615, IWNC interface, Ethernet Card, Integrated Modem, (2) Automatic Tool Changers Large Quantity Spare Parts / Tooling, S/N 1000012020

Insulated Glass Production Lines

  • 2009 Bystronic Complete Glass Gas Type Insulated Production Line For Low E Glass, Model GW SU, Max Height 100mm x 3200mm, Max Thickness 45mm, 2/3 Panels, 15mm, Consisting of: LISEC A1RL Automatic Desiccant Filling Machine Min Frame Size 150 x 150mm, Max Frame Size 2500 x 1200mm, TB Roller Conveyor s/n 231.2077, GW Glass Washer s/n 251.0923, TB Roller Conveyor s/n 212.3715, VR Glass Inspection Station s/n 226.0946, TB Roller Conveyor s/n 212.3717, ZPG Gas Press s/n 234.0938, TB Roller Conveyor s/n 212.3718, DA Pad Applicator s/n 267.0237, VA Silicone Robot s/n 233.0792, FP Drum Mixer s/n 272.0718, FP Drum Mixer s/n 272.0720, FP Mixer s/n 272.0721, FP Mixer s/n 272.0719, Bystronic Bez Butyl Extruder, Working Height Progressively Adjustable 650-950mm, Conveyor Belt Height 0-7mm, Butyl Slug Dimensions 190mm – 250mm, Volumetric Cap 7.5 Liters, Butyl Working Temp 212-284F, Min & Max Dimensions 70 to 4000mm, S/N 206.2440BA Butyl Applicator Robot s/n 232.0442, Vertical Line Up, Transport Conveyors (Existing Rollers 3 Years Old, New Set Spare Rollers, Etc.)
  • Lenhardt Bystronic Complete Glass Insulated Production Line, Max Height 170 mm x 3200mm, Max Thickness 45mm, Including TB Roller Conveyor s/n 231.1319, GW Glass Washer s/n 251.0539, TB Roller Conveyor s/n 212.1951, TB2 Roller Conveyor, VR Glass Inspection System s/n 226.0613, Lenhardt RAA s/n 224.0104, ZP Gas Press s/n 234.0597, TB Roller Conveyor s/n 212.1953, Silicone Robot, EB1 Transport Conveyor, VA Silicone Robot, RUE Transfer Station s/n 209.0577, BEZ Butyl Extruder s/n 206.2180, 2 Loops Water Purification System, Drum Mixers


  • Lisec Model BMS-1 Spacer Bending Line, Max Frame Size 3000mm x 2200mm/ 118” x 86”, Minimum Frame Size 250mm x 180mm/ 10 x 7”, Running Direction Left to Right, Profile Widths ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, Profile Height 8.0mm, Spacer Bar Width 10-28, S/N 167427, Console Control, Videojet Ink Jet Printer, Tooling
  • Lisec Model BSV-30/K Spacer Bar Bending Machine, Minimum Frame Size 240mm x 170mm, Max Frame Size 4000mm x 2200mm, Frame Width 6-24, Profile Ht 6.7, Air Pressure Bar 6


  • 2007 Peterbilt Model 340 Glass Transport Truck, Tandem Axle, 55,000 G.V.W, Barkow 26’ SS Glass Transport Body
  • 2003 Sterling Acterra Glass Transport Truck, Dual Rears, 33,000 G.V.W. Barkow 22’ HD Stainless Steel Glass Transport Body 
  • 2002 Kenworth Glass Transport Truck, Tandem Axle, 54,600 G.V.W., Barkow 26’ HD Stainless Steel Glass Transport Body 
  • 2006 Peterbilt 335 Glass Transport Truck, Dual Rears, 33,000 G.V.W., Barkow 26’ Stainless Steel Transport Body 


  • 2021 Shenzhen Handong Model QX25L12-HD CNC Glass Washing & Drying Machine For Low E Glass, Max Width of Glass 2500mm, Minimum Size of Glass 300 x 300mm, Thickness of Glass 3~25mm, Height of Platform 900 + 20mm, Speed Adjustment Frequency Variation Regulation, Total Power 60.87kw, Touch Screen Display, s/n 200915
  • Billco Model 696-6 Glass Washing Machine, Width 96”, Maximum Glass Thickness ¾, Min glass size is 14.5” square processed at a 45 Degree angle, Operating Speed 10-24’ Per Minute, 6 Brush, 48” Load and Unload Deck, Recirculating Detergent Zone, 90 DBA Sound Package, Motorized Hydraulic Lift, Conveyor Speed Drive Type FPM 0-24, 480V 3phase 60Hz, S/N WO 01003, 96”, Conveyor Feeds
  • Bilco 96” Glass Washer 


  • 2007 Bovone Model ELB 14-45 Straight Line Edging Machine, Single Pass Miter, Workable Thickness 2-60mm, Speed Variation 0.3 to 5.4 m/1, Minimum Dimensions of Glass under 20mm : Flat Side Grinding 65 x 65mm, Up to 22.5 110 x 110mm, Up to 140 x 140mm, Front & Rear Side Grinding Max 5mm, Compressed Air Consumption: 250 liltris/ H at 6 Bar, Electrical Power 34kw, 2480V, 60 Hz, Overall Size of Machine 9500 x 1200 x 2900mm, S/N 07074522 07
  • Bovone ELB 10-45 Straight Line Edging Machine, Double Pass Miter, Workable Thickness 2-30mm, Speed Variation 0.3 to 5.4 m/1, Minimum Dimensions of Glass: Flat Side Grinding 65 x 65mm, Up to 22.5 85 x 85mm, Up to 45 105 x 105mm, Front & Rear Side Grinding Max 5mm, Compressed Air Consumption: 200 liltris/ H at 6 Bar, Electrical Power 21.5kw, 240V, 60 Hz, Overall Size of Machine 8200 x 1200 x 2900mm, S/N 00135518
  • (2) Bovone Model ELB-10 Straight Line Edging Machine, Glass Thickness 3-30mm, Variable Speed From 0.4 up to 5.4 m/Min, Minimum Size Up to 6mm 40 x 40mm, 50 x 50mm or 40 x 80mm provided glass thickness is 20mm, Working Height 850mm, Electrical Power 18kw, 208V, 60hz, Overall Size of Machine 7900 x 1200 x 2200mm, S/N 69214508


  • Billco CNC X.Y.Z/Contour Glass Cutting Machine, Maximum Glass Length 204”, Minimum Glass Length 72”, Maximum Glass Width 130”, Minimum Glass Width 48”, Maximum Glass Thickness ¾, Minimum Glass Thickness S.S, Maximum Feed Rate/ IPM 4000, Alpha Servos, GE Fanuc 15 MB Control, S/N s/n WO84043A
  • Billco CNC2200 Glass Cutting Machine, Grinding Wheel Size 8” Dia x ¾ W x 3 (CTR), Maximum Glass Size 108” x 144”, Minimum Glass Size Width 54”, Maximum Glass Thickness ¾, Minimum Glass Thickness SS or 1/8, Maximum Feed Rate IPM 4500, Max Positioning Rate 3000, 80 PSI, 10CFM, Belt Conveyor Speed 110FPM, Edge Deletion, GE Fanuc CNC Control, S/NWO04076


  • FRATELLI PEZZA Automatic Sandblasting Machine, Model Mistral 230V, Max Glass Height: 2300mm/ 90.55”, Max Glass Width: 3500mm/ 138”, Dust Filter, Internal Lighting, Working Temp: 1-40 Degrees, 480V, 60 HZ


  • 2006 LOVATI LOV-1000-ESI Semi Auto Glass Beveling Machine, 480V, 60Hz, S/N 567
  • Sommer Maca BM-10-RP24 Belt Sander 


  • 5 Boston Tram Rail 1 Ton to 10 Ton Overhead Crane
  • (4) Gorbel Crane Structures


  • 2014 Wood’s Powr-Grip PT129ACS Glass Gripper s/n 20140101, 1,200#, 12 Gripper Pads
  • 2013 Wood’s Powr-Grip VLGG1011LACO Glass Gripper s/n 20130155, 1,800#, 8 Gripper Pads
  • Wood’s Powr-Grip 700” Glass Gripper, 6 Gripper Pads
  • Wood’s Powr-Grip 700” Glass Gripper, 6 Gripper Pads
  • Wood’s Powr-Grip MR411LAC Glass Gripper s/n 215Y, 700# 4 Gripper Pads
  • Wood’s Powr-Grip MR411LAC Glass Gripper s/n 320Y, 700# 4 Gripper Pads
  • Wood’s Powr-Grip P11102AIRS Glass Gripper s/n 20060608, 300#
  • 500” Glass Gripper


  • (2) Bromer 49 Slot Roll Out Glass Storage Racks, Fits 160” x 105” x 10” Glass Packs, Structure
  • Broomer Double Sided Seaming Machine


  • 2002 Ford F250XL Super Duty Extended Cab Pick Up/ Plow


Quincy Air Compressor, Anvers Lifters/Tools/Cabinets/Marvel Grit Etching Machines/ Peg Racks, Stoc Racks, Horizontal roller tables, Plywood plates, Approx. 50 Assorted Wood Portable Glass Racks/Standard Pallet Jacks /Rollaway stairs/Ladders  Pneumatic nail guns/ Pneumatic staple/ Misc Hand tools/ Muntin Saw table Sample boxes Duraseal, Cork Pads Silicone Barrels  Slings and locker of parts /Lifting Chains/vacuum Barn Fans/ Tam Infeed and Outfeed Popup Bilco roller table with gate Walk behind floor sweeper Blue storage racks/ Graco Pumps/15 Hoppers/ Much More

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