Even with the holidays upon us we received over 1000 pieces of inventory in December 2020.

Even with the holidays upon us we received over 1000 pieces of inventory in December 2020.

January 4, 2021SSLLCMARKET

In December, Surplus Solutions received and inventoried over 1,000 units of inventory. Surplus Solutions offers a wide selection of Lab EquipmentPackaging Equipment and Processing Equipment. All equipment is sourced from companies across the globe who are taking advantage of our Consignment, Brokerage and Outright Purchase services.

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Here's a look at our top pieces:

Lab Equipment

PI-189040-A31061-thumb.jpeg Diazyme DZ-Lite 3000 Plus Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System (CLIA)

PI-185696-324560-thumb.jpeg Biodesy Delta Conformational Measuring System

PI-189381-324857-thumb.jpeg BD FACSLyric Flow Cytometer

PI-189334-324854-thumb.jpeg Thermo TSQ Quantum Access Mass Spectrometer

PI-185987-324575-thumb.jpeg Millipore Guava easyCyte HT Flow Cytometer

Packaging Equipment

Preview Image SmartPac PF 270 Powder Filling Machine

Preview Image M&O Perry P-1510 Vial Filler

Preview Image Omega Design DL-27 Dual Lane Shrink Bundler

Preview Image O.z.a.f. Combination Hopper/Incline Conveyor with Vibratory Bowl

Preview Image Inline Filling Systems Benchtop Filling Machine

Processing Equipment

Preview Image Fitzpatrick Mobile IR520 Roller Compactor

Preview Image Glatt GMPC-3 EX Tablet Coater

Preview Image TK Fielder Niro PMA 150 High Shear Granulating Mixer

Preview Image Manesty Xpress 500 Tablet Press

Preview Image Thomas Engineering CL 36NXR Compulab Coater


You can request additional information on any of the links above or Contact Us directly. Have equipment to sell? We'd love to see it. Please fill out this form and a member of our sales team will contact you.

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