Top Featured Arrivals for August

Top Featured Arrivals for August

August 27, 2020SSLLCMARKET

In August, Surplus Solutions has inventoried over 600 pieces of inventory ranging across our Lab Equipment, Packaging Equipment and Processing Equipment categories. All equipment is sourced from companies across the United Statues who are taking advantage of our Consignment, Brokerage and Outright Purchase services.

Here's a quick look at our newest arrivals in just the past 14 days.

Lab Equipment

PI-176428-A29017-thumb.jpeg Biacore 8K System in Analyzers

PI-176430-A29018-thumb.jpeg Biacore S200 System in Analyzers

PI-175223-A28560-thumb.jpeg AKTA pure 25 M Chromatography System in HPLC - Liquid Chromatography

PI-176432-A29019-thumb.jpeg Shimadzu Nexera-i HPLC System in HPLC - Liquid Chromatography

PI-176834-321884-thumb.jpeg Microfluidics M-110P High Shear Homogenizer in Mixers / Homogenizers

PI-171704-A27714-thumb.jpeg LPKF 200 Watt Laser Welding System in Lab Automation

Packaging Equipment

PI-175143-321525-thumb.jpeg Sweco ZS24Y66 Vibro-Energy Separator in Feeders

PI-175109-321520-thumb.jpeg Encore LS200 Shrink Sleever in Shrink Sleevers

PI-171764-320862-thumb.jpeg Zanasi LZ-64 Capsule Filling Machine in Fillers

PI-175342-321505-thumb.jpeg Thermal C25MM heat Sealer in Shrink Equipment

PI-175254-321529-thumb.jpeg Aesus Deltaveyor 12FT Conveyor Belt in Conveyors

PI-171813-320871-thumb.jpeg Molex TM 40D Terminating Machine in Aerosol Equipment

PI-171808-320870-thumb.jpeg Molex TM-42 Terminating Machine in Aerosol Equipment

Processing Equipment

PI-175147-321527-thumb.jpeg AGM-PAM AF-90T Capsule Filling Machine in Capsule Equipment

PI-170408-A27023-thumb.jpeg Glatt GPCG5 Wurster Insert in Fluid Bed Dryers

PI-175125-321523-thumb.jpeg G&F Manufacturing Stainless Steel 150 Gallon Mixing Tank in Tanks / Reactors

PI-175459-321556-thumb.jpeg Leister NOVOLAS Laser Welding System in Plant Utility

PI-175407-321545-thumb.jpeg Rofin EasyMark Laser Engraving System in Plant Utility

PI-176676-A28305-thumb.jpeg Healthstar CP203 Capsule Polisher in Capsule Equipment

PI-175030-A24290-thumb.jpeg Dyno-Mill Dynoscreen Separator in Mills

PI-175028-A24412-thumb.jpeg Ross HSM100-L Homogenizer in Homogenizers


You can request additional information on any of the links above or Contact Us directly. Have equipment to sell? We'd love to see it. Please fill out this form and a member of our sales team will contact you.

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