Seidenader V 90-T Semi-Automatic Vial Inspection Machine

Seidenader V 90-T Semi-Automatic Vial Inspection Machine

February 12, 2021SSLLCMARKET

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The Seidenader V 90-T tabletop vision inspection machine provides great assistance for quick and reliable visual inspection of containers from 0,5 ml to 1000 ml for several defects. The V90-T serves for the visual inspection of containers, such as ampoules, vials, syringes, or bottles.


  • Up to 1500 ampules/vials per hour through preset, reproducible operation rhythm adjustable operation cycle with electronic timing unit:
  • fast rotation for whirling up particulate matter
    • slow rotation for detection of cracks and cosmetic defects
    • stop for exchange of the containers
  • Infinitely adjustable speed rotation
  • Easy detection of particles and cracks by means of highly concentrated light through bottom of the containers (Tyndall Effect)
  • The operator can see the full circumference of the container, no clips or fingers can hinder the view
  • Adjustable inclination of the containers in the inspection cabin from 15 - 75°
  • Reproducible adjustments of light intensity, light positions, reflector and magnifying glass


A handful of products at a time

Applied for small production runs, for quality control sample checks and for use in hospital pharmacies and laboratories.

Adjustable inclination of the containers in the inspection area from 15° to 75°

Cabin similar to the inspection machine V90-AVSB but without the infeed system and the automatic transport of products.

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