Sartorius Biostat B-DCU II 6 Station Bioreactor System

Sartorius Biostat B-DCU II 6 Station Bioreactor System

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The BIOSTAT B-DCU II is a new generation of Fermentor| Bioreactor system, designed for meeting demanding requirements in both research and process development. A newly engineered control system launches many of its well-proven design features into a new era, offering unprecedented advantages for process development laboratories around the world. Unrivaled for scale-down and scale-up modeling of various culture processes, the BIOSTAT B-DCU II provides a new level of power and flexibility.

BIOSTAT B-DCU II consists of the local BioPAT DCU control tower and can be configured with up to six supply towers, each providing independent control of the respective culture vessel. The controller allows for additional vessels and supply towers to be added on-site without the need for external interfaces or expensive software upgrades.


System Includes

  • Biostat DCU Tower: (Electrical: 120-230V, 50/60Hz, 4 Amps)
  • (6) Biostat B-DCU II Supply Towers: (Electrical: 120V, 60Hz, 15 Amps)
  • (6) Sartorius Midrics 1 Digital Scales
  • (6) Minbea Intec Midrics 1 Digital Scales
  • (6) Sartorius 5L Glass Reactor Vessels w/ Mixing Motor and Heating Pad

Surplus Solutions has a large inventory of used bioreactors for both cell-culture and microbial reactions. The basic functions of a bioreactor is to allow the seeding of uniform concentrations of cells to a scaffold, control physiological conditions in the cell culture medium, supply sufficient metabolites and provide physiologically relevant signals in the form of mechanical loads.

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