Sartorius BIOSTAT CultiBag STR Plus Bioreactor System

Sartorius BIOSTAT CultiBag STR Plus Bioreactor System

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The Sartorius BIOSTAT CultiBag STR Plus Bioreactor System is a disposable bioreactor in traditional reusable vessel design. The STR 200L offers a working volume of 50L to 200L with an aspect ratio of 2:1. With a flexible gassing system and large working volume range the BIOSTAT CultiBag STR Plus 200L is specially configured for cell culture applications.



– Cell culture of insect and mammalian cells

– Cell mass, protein, Mab & vaccine production

– Industrial and academic research

– Process development

– Process optimization

– Up- and down-scale studies

– Seed culture cultivation

– Large scale production up to 200 L

Features & Benefits

– Disposable Bioreactor in traditional reusable vessel design

– Large working volume range

– Flexible gassing system

– Individual gas flow adjustments via rotameters and optional mass flow controllers

– Disposable DO and pH sensors

– First completely disposable and scalable bioreactor on the market

– Bag holder design allows fast turn around from one cultivation to another

– Pressure safety control

– Advanced multi-stage cascaded DO control

– Intuitive touch screen interface for easy operation

– Traditional impeller and sparger types

– Convenient bag installation via double door

– Small footprint

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