SSLLC Auctions

SSLLC Auctions

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Surplus Solutions, LLC purchases all categories of life science and pharmaceutical equipment, with projects ranging in scope from a single piece of equipment to an entire facility liquidation. On any given week, our Inventory Department will receive hundreds of pieces of used equipment that quickly fills our 160,000 sq ft warehouse. What's our solution?

Online Auctions

Our auctions give you the opportunity to receive great deals on used lab, processing, and packaging equipment from major facilities in the area. Whether you are looking to replace one piece of equipment, or outfit an entire facility, our online auctions are a perfect opportunity to see how we can help.

There are many ways to view upcoming events.

  • Visiting “Auctions” at This page lists all upcoming events with a short description about the auction and the types of items included.
  • Visiting our Auction Platform at Like “Auctions”, this site brings you directly to the heart of the activity. From here you can view all Live auctions, the Start/End Dates, how many items are in the auction and Asset Location and more.
  • Lastly, by following us on social media, you can be directed to the auction lot catalog page by clicking our post.

Online Auction Registration:

SSLLC hosts auctions using our own customized platform. You must first create an account with the platform prior to registering for events. The process is as simple as entering your information and reading and accepting our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You can use the same login and password for all Surplus Solutions sales.

Once the account creation has been completed you are ready to Register. Click on your auction of interest and confirm your registration. Our Auctioneer will approve each registration upon reviewing your account.

Please note: these are typical instructions and may differ depending upon the auction. Please see the specific sale auction details for changes.


How to Bid:

Online Bidding: SSLLC online auctions are “live” (open and able to receive bids) for a specified time period which is no less than 24 hours. During the sale, once you have created an account, registered, received a bidder number then you can enter a bid in the box provided next to each item on the item catalog page.


Automatic Bidding (Max Bid): If you wish to place an Automatic or Max Bid on an item where the system will automatically bid for you, here are the simple steps: If the item you are currently bidding on has a next incremental Bid of $100, by placing a MAX Bid of slightly higher than that amount for example $1,000. The system will accept your Bid of only $100 and will only increase your bid if another bidder bids higher than your current bid, up to the $1,000 threshold or Max Bid. The Auto-Bid or Max Bid feature is an excellent way for you as a bidder to not have to continuously monitor the sale.


Reserve Prices: Some items may have a Reserve, or a price at which the Seller is obligated to sell the item. Reserve prices act to protect the seller’s financial interest in an item.


Closing Times & Automatic Time Extension: Items close at different times throughout the day the auction is scheduled to close. Please be sure the check the time the specific auction starts to close. Lots have a staggered ending time, typically one lot every minute. On the day the auction is set to close, the end time for each lot will be shown. In addition, there is an Automatic Time Extension. A lot must not receive any bids within the last five minutes of its closing time for it to close. If a bid is placed in the last five minutes of a lot closing, it will automatically extend an additional five minutes when the closing time is reached. Again, a lot must not receive any bids within the last five minutes for it to close.


Invoices: Successful bidders should expect an invoice within 1 business day of the end of the auction. This invoice will be sent to the email address used when registering.



How to Pay:

Detailed payment instructions for each sale are available in the printed auction or sale lot catalog at the sale or auction location on the day of the sale or auction. Electronic Bidders will be sent detailed payment instructions via email along with their invoice.

Payment Methods:

  • Cashier’s or certified check
  • Federal wire transfer
  • Credit Card



The buyer is responsible for the safe and proper removal of any items purchased. Buyers may either pick-up the assets themselves or contract with a third party to arrange for asset removal, packing, rigging, or shipping. SSLLC provides a list of pre-approved local vendors.

If the person picking up and removing equipment from an auction or sale location will be someone other than the registered bidder at that sale, the registered bidder must establish that person/company as an “Authorized Agent” by completing the following form: Agent Release Authorization Form



Each auction is subject to its own set of Terms and Conditions and subject to change at any time without notice. This post is to help the user with general knowledge of Online Bidding and is not intended, in any manner, as an official statement.

Any questions please contact!

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