Redefining Space In Your Lab

Redefining Space In Your Lab

February 7, 2020SSLLCMARKET

Redefining space in your lab. The quality of your lab tables may not be at the top of your list of concerns, but when you consider the fact that a substantial amount of work relies on these tables, the investment is a no brainer. Are you thinking that your current tables are working just fine? An upgrade could give you new capabilities and help you update your lab to contemporary standards. The new approach to lab space planning is to build from the center out, using modular workbenches and stationary tables.

Surplus Solutions offers a variety of used laboratory furniture that will fit your budget. Below are the latest shipment of lab tables from Adapt-A-Lab and New England Lab.

5' Adapt A Lab Table

5' Stationary Adapt A Lab Table

5' Adapt A Lab Stationary Table 
(with gas line connection)

4' Adapt A Lab Stationary Table 5.5' Stationary New England Lab Table5' Stationary Adapt A Lab Table

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