IKA Standard Production Plant SPP 250 Series Homogenizer, Unused

IKA Standard Production Plant SPP 250 Series Homogenizer, Unused

February 17, 2021SSLLCMARKET

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The IKA Standard Production Plant SPP 250 Series Homogenizer has a vacuum kettle design that is a well suited alternative to Dual Shaft Mixers and Triple Shaft Mixers. The SPP is an innovative and highly advanced, but cost effective mixing plant used for all standard process operations like mixing, stirring, homogenizing and dispersing. Due to its simple design, it allows easy operation and guarantees a constant mixing quality.

The SPP mixing plant represents an economical and efficient mixing plant configuration, consisting of only five absolutely necessary components. This standard plant allows you to carry out all basic operations of mixing and dispersing technologies without problems. The "Standard Production Plant" (SPP) from IKA can be used for cosmetic creams and lotions, for mayonnaise or dressings in the food industry as well as for suspensions and emulsions in the chemical industry or for production of paints and lacquers.


Total Volume (l): 315

Useful Volume max. (l): 250

Max. total flow rate dispersing (l/h): 5200

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Are you looking to purchase or upgrade your industrial homogenizer? If this IKA Standard Production Plant SPP 250 Series Homogenizer doesn't meet your needs be sure to check out the Microfluidics 110S Microfluidizer, Krieger MMD 50 Vacuum Homogenizer, or the Avestin Emulsiflex D20B Homogenizer.

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