Featured Item! Fluid Air PolarDry 0.1

Featured Item! Fluid Air PolarDry 0.1

November 13, 2020SSLLCMARKET

Is your product sensitive to high temperatures?

Does your product need to be further processed after being spray dried?

Would the product benefit from a process that uses low temperature spray drying?

If you said yes to any of these questions the Fluid Air PolarDry Electrostatic Spray Dryer .1 may work for you.

The PolarDry® electrostatic spray dryer stratifies the components of the droplet during atomization, based on the polarities of the materials. Hence it creates the ideal drying conditions, leading to a near perfect encapsulation of the active component without the use of high evaporation temperatures. With no heat degradation, low volatile loss, no oxidation, superior microencapsulation, and controlled agglomeration, the PolarDry Model 0.1 is a flexible spray dryer that can easily scale-up through the life cycle of your products.

PolarDry technology is based on heat transfer and mass transfer. In case studies the results have proven the PolarDry can work with lower capacity of evaporation or at low temperatures and ensure cell viability and stability of probiotics than freeze drying. Polar solvents are driven to the outside of the droplets and the non-polar actives are driven to the inside, resulting in extremely efficient encapsulation. This leads to a decrease in the required drying temperature and in turn, the outlet temperature of the powder. This reduced temperature and effective encapsulation contributes to eliminating degradation and denaturalization of active ingredients.


Read the full case study "Gentle drying for the thermosensitive micro-organisms" for more details.

Surplus Solutions is now offering customizable Fluid Air PolarDry Electrostatic Spray Dryer, Model 0.1 from Fluid Air. Contact Adam Frew to discuss your specification needs at or 401-526-0055.

You can also visit our website to view the Fluid Air PolarDry 0.1 or browse our full inventory of Spray Dryers.

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