Eppendorf DASGIP 8 Station Bioreactor System

Eppendorf DASGIP 8 Station Bioreactor System

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Eppendorf DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems are designed to deliver optimal bioprocess performance in benchtop configurations. Scalable monitoring and control functionality enable users to achieve valid and reproducible results in an economical manner. Their modular design addresses the unique requirements of various applications in both cell culture and microbiology.


DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems for R&D and process development in both cell culture and microbiology allow for advanced bioprocess control and automation. Parallel processing, precise control of all relevant parameters, user-defined profiles, and innumerable automation features result in accelerated and highly efficient process development.


System Includes

  • (2) Eppendorf DASGIP BioBlocks
  • (2) Eppendorf DASGIP PHP04 Sensor Modules
  • (2) Eppendorf DASGIP MP8 Pumps
  • (2) Eppendorf DASGIP TC4SC4B Temp and Agitation Controllers
  • (2) Eppendorf DASGIP MX4 Gassing Units
  • (2) Eppendorf DASGIP EGC4 Exhaust Gas Units
  • CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Dongle
  • DASware control Version 5.6.1 Software
  • (8) Eppendorf BioBlu Reactor Vessels
  • Sensors, probes, agitators, pH Modules, misc. parts and accessories

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