Colanar FSV 1053 Vial, Syringe and Cartridge Filling Machine For Sale!

Colanar FSV 1053 Vial, Syringe and Cartridge Filling Machine For Sale!

September 12, 2022SSLLCMARKET

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The Colanar FSV was specifically developed with pharmaceutical and biotechnology filling applications in mind, the FSV allows its users to process small to medium size batches with all the conveniences a full scale production machine would offer. This filling system is suitable for operation in conventional Laminar Flow hoods in laboratories.

The operator inserts a syringe nest into the nest carrier and then starts the filling process via the touch screen HMI. The FSV will automatically locate the syringe underneath the filling needle and lower the needle into the container. The FSV flushes the syringe with nitrogen before it starts the filling process automatically. Simultaneously to the filling process a rubber stopper is placed into the syringe that was previously filled using Colanar’s unique vacuum stoppering system. Once the syringe is filled, the needle will retract and the FSV will index the syringe nest again to the next filling position. The FSV is also available for vials and cartridges.



Monitor and CPU with Phenom ProSuite v.2.9.0 Software

Size 2R Vial Change Part Set Including

Size 13mm Vial Stopper Change Parts Including


Output: up to 15 syringes / min.

 up to 25 vials / min

 up to 12 cartridges / min.

Range: 50 µl to 100 ml

Weight: Approx. 600 kg

Finish: Stainless steel and plastics

Dimensions: 1000 mm x 1500 mm x 1800 mm [l x w x h]

Power: 120V AC, 60 Hz, 14 A 

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