Bruker Sierra SPR-32 Surface Plasmon Resonance System

Bruker Sierra SPR-32 Surface Plasmon Resonance System

July 12, 2022SSLLCMARKET

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The Sierra SPR-32 system enables high-throughput surface plasmon resonance (SPR) analysis of molecular interactions. Equipped with 32 individually addressable detection spots, this highly sensitive real-time, label-free analytical system is uniquely configured to provide active and control binding data for small molecules, fragments, proteins, peptides, antibodies and nucleic acids.

While capable of testing a single sample at a time, the Sierra SPR-32 system is a robust instrument designed for high-throughput applications such as epitope binning or mapping and antibody, fragment or small molecule screening. Simultaneous injection of up to eight samples facilitates high-throughput assay development and optimization, as well as rapid quantitative analysis of both crude and purified samples.



  • Bruker Buffer Pump Unit
  • Thermo Orbitor RS2 Microplate Handler
  • CPU w/ Software, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

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