BioSpherix X2 Closed Incubation System

BioSpherix X2 Closed Incubation System

March 17, 2021SSLLCMARKET

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The BioSpherix X2 Closed Incubation System is an attractive alternative to cleanrooms. With the Xvivo System Model X2 good manufacturing practices are easier to achieve, risk is reduced in many ways, and speed of implementation is much faster and much easier. The Xvivo System model X2 available through their sister company, Biospherix Medical, is designed for processing and producing cells in compliance with regulatory GMPs. BioSpherix's Xvivo System model X2 is the only Cytocentric modular closed aseptic containment isolator proven worldwide.


System Includes

(2) 3' Laminar Clean Hoods

(2) Dual Buffer Chamber

(3) 57'' General Processing Chambers and Single Stacked Buffer Chamber

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